Kashmir the subject misunderstood!

11037082_10206932068917329_921230738633304898_nThe mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir takes everyone by surprise. The visitors across the world visit this place every year in good numbers and its beauty forces one and all to recollect the words of Jahangir, the Mughal emperor, who on his visit to Kashmir had exclaimed:
“If there is paradise anywhere on earth,
It is here, it is here …”
But, unfortunately, the other side of the coin is so depressing and horrible that its murkiness has till date engulfed hundreds and thousands of people, of which the majority of victims has been youth. The effects of such political uncertainty have permeated deep down into the roots of Kashmiri society. This has resulted into untold miseries and sufferings to the people of Kashmir leaving behind the lives of all the inhabitants of Kashmir wounded and scarred for the times to come.
In the present backdrop of vastness of youth unrest in Kashmir, even the Indian civil society seems to be very much oblivious of the conflict in Kashmir and the dialogue still remains as: What can be the possible fall out of the K issue upon the rest of the World particularly the States of the subcontinent? Why is this youth of Valley at such unrest? What are the aspirations of the youth of the valley? Is Indian civil society also ignoring the sentiments of the people of valley? Why the citizen of the modern India should come forward for the solution of this problem? The above and many more questions need to be understood in a proper perspective and call for the attention of all in view of the turbulent valley has lost more than five lac people in the conflict since 1931.
It may be understandable that the modern nation states are pursuing their national interest in this neo liberal world and there is perhaps no room for attention to human miseries. But, if such is the case, which indeed is, then it is to be understood that the humanity is under crisis and such grim and misjudged situation will sooner or later give rise to a larger chaos. Worthwhile to note is the fact that the Kashmir Issue is a nuclear flash point between two nuclear armed neighbours and it may very well be perceived as a potential nuclear threat to the world peace and stability. Now, how unfortunate it is on the part of modern nation states that they are continuously ignoring the gravity of K-issue and have literally abandoned the issue giving preference to their short term national interests over sustainable long term interest of world peace and stability.
It is imperative and incumbent upon the people at the helm of world affairs to really shoulder their responsibilities towards the world peace and facilitate unity and brotherhood amongst the world citizens who suffer in conflict zones of the world. It is actually their obligation to come forward and act like interlocutors and facilitate an amicable and acceptable solution of K- issue in order to save the innocent lives of commons especially of youth of Kashmir.
It is often said that when dialogue stops, arson starts and the same is happening here in Kashmir. The marginalized people of Kashmir, who fall prey to the circumstances, are also well aware of the betrayal which they had suffered in the hands of their own people wielding political reigns who had always served their self interests at the cost of interests of common people. This is the most unsung misery of the valley, were the innocent Kashmiri has been deceived right from Mughals to Afghans to Sikhs. And finally the life of a common Kashmiri has landed in the field of atrocities where he was sold locked, stocked and barreled by the British to Dogra Maharaja Gulab Singh, for Rupees seventy five lacs, who ruled Kashmir for so many decades. The end of British era over the sub-continent ended in worst logjam, although valley had woken up from their political slumber but the scourge of collaborators by their quixotic approach ‘miss the wood for the trees’. It was unfortunate for the people of the valley that the place never found a leader who can channelize their energy in the proper way. It is their bad luck that their desire and aim was revolved out by the one to whom they trust most.
On one hand India is claiming that Kashmir is its integral part, on the other hand Pakistan considers J&K as its juggler vein. And it is this adamant, arrogant and impractical approach of two countries which turns to be the reason behind lingering of K-issue. The result of this egoistical behavior is that the sufferings are not ready to vanish from J&K. Although, India always tried hard politically, socially, economically as well as forcibly that the people of Kashmir may acquiesce to their occupation but till date they miserably failed in diverting the attention of the inhabitants of Kashmir.
The crux of today’s K-issue is that it has been irrationally diluted to a larger extent. Also because of its never lasting fortune of India and Pakistan who successfully find collaborators among the Kashmiris whom through they time and again try to consolidate their grip on Kashmir and also make them capable of presenting to the world their’ narrative of K-issue. Also how brazen is about the administration of Kashmir who instead of providing peace and tranquility to the people of the region are busy in scuttling and silencing the voices of dissent. Also how unfortunate is about the some known media houses who without taking care of the prevailing circumstances are busy in perpetuating rhetoric of gloom and despondency in order to meet their interests. Instead of this so called jingoistic-patriotic media is doing away with the very basics of journalism and no one is denouncing their actions in which they put such narrative of Kashmir in front of the whole world which is totally misleading and intentional concoction of the facts and realities. Such discreditable actions create monster depictions of political opponents. The insensitive, callous and discouraging behavior had time and again instigated the youth of valley and provided impetus to the uprisings of 2008, 2010 and 2016. These years marks the collective anger of Kashmiris against the long the pending issue, the K-issue. During these three phases of Intifada youth of Kashmiri tries to convey their narrative of K-issue. These years also have their own story which they want to tell to everyone, the story of stress and the struggle for basic right. Actually the young boys who are the youth of conflict know the power of stone which they pick up into their hand and the value of bullet which pierce into their delicate skin the time they hurl that stone towards the forces. It is where they want to register their anger against the pending Kashmir issue by just sacrificing their life for the cause!

happiness is waiting ahead. ..

Either we control the direction of our thoughts or let your thoughts control our life. Happiness lies in the unconditional acceptance of everyday situations, which generally make us sad or angry. Nothing brings down walls as effectively as acceptance. People are mostly unhappy because they want people to react the way they want to, and situations to be exactly how they’d want them to be. One should never make happiness dependent on expectations being met. Because when they are unfilled, we create an energy of resistance and rejection. The mind becomes unstable. If we accept, our mind remains stable and calm.
Better to accept rather to chase.11037082_10206932068917329_921230738633304898_n

are u listening

Maybe Kashmir is discussed again in the same UN and the world leaders too may register their protest. Then what? Isn’t UN ignoring its duties, as the dispute is already register in their book. Till date this UN had failed to serve its duties. I personally feel this is another futile exercise with lot of applause. As a kashmiri I am fed up now, I want solutions not discussion, I want see my youth happy, I want my wish to be full filled, I want to live my life with dignity, I want not to be politicised, I want free Kashmir, free of shackles and boundaries, I want my sister to walk on roads with full confidence, I want not to be cajoled by wry faces, I want to be treated as a human being. Life in valley is waiting for all that to which life is entitled. Even I want India and Pakistan to be friends also prosperous. Stay blessed UN but serve the way you should!